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People & Team development

Our training programmes are not built on gentle reassurance and praise of participants – at times our training can make you “smart”. But why should the saying “no pain, no gain” not apply to training? We maintain that the same applies during a seminar, where - instead of muscles - you train your brain. At the same time we do try to make our seminars fun – just as in the gym the trainer tries to make the exercise enjoyable. He could finish the exercise for you, bot how would that help YOU?

  • Management by Objectives
  • Effective Team Leadership
  • Creating a Motivating environment
  • Negotiation
  • Handling Crucial Conversations & Conflict situations
  • Organisational Culture
  • Intercultural training
  • Internal communication
  • Project Management
  • Scoping & Project inception
  • Planning, Implementation, Culmination
  • Time Management
  • Software Support
  • Added Value Analysis

Translation: Václav Pinkva