When it comes to developing knowledge and experience in project management we meet with a profound paradox:
You can manage projects without any formal preparation or knowledge. You just apply your judgement, general managerial experience, a touch of intuition and a tad of good luck, and with all probability your project will take longer, cost more, become a showcase of nicely growing requirements and in the end diverge far from the original brief and expectations.

Given that projects are one-off affairs, you can hardly quantifiably compare between such folk-craft approaches. And so it remains shrouded in mist that the project is in fact badly run. The paradox being, that since you do get some sort of results through folk-craft creativity, it leads you to underestimate the value of some basic skills and know-how. In the end companies and organisations head to one of two undesirable extremes:

  • designating a project manager and leaving them to get on with it.
  • implementing a project management methodology garlanded with in-house rules or quality certification.

In either case the result will hardly come about, without the necessary skillset. But with one-off projects that is not easy to prove.

Project management is a recognised discipline in its own right. We focus primarily on developing the skills of project leaders (project mindset) and directly support teams working on projects. We offer the benefit of our expertise in facilitating during the project selection phase, scoping the project (e.g. by using the logical framework matrix, using our own software Logframe), or by means of whole project or project-phase restart. We offer assistance and support in designing project management systems and introducing software-supported planning methods.

We design each individual Project management Programme/Seminar after analysis of /consultation with the given company. The Programmes/Seminars are grounded in the motivation and measurable personal commitment of all participants. By doing so we attain greater Programme/Seminar impact and more visible and measurable results.

Do you need to set up a Programme/Seminar for your staff?

Project management seminar Modules and Topics (we do 2-4 days seminars based on specific training needs).

Translation: Václav Pinkva