When working with clients we often face questions about how to resolve issues which cannot be dealt with by orthodox means.

Here are some examples:

  • How can I find a work-life balance faced with constant crises and pressures?
  • How am I supposed genuinely to welcome and celebrate another's abilites and achievements?
  • How do I keep charge and yet give people the latitude they need for effective working?
  • How can I get everyone behind a continual improvement programme, with the scepticism and cynicism caused by previous initiatives and seminars?

However well you set up a 'learning process', processes do not learn. People do. People improve processes and optimise their effectiveness. Therefore it is through teaching, coaxing, inspiring, listening to and leading people that you can move your organisation forward.

The Seminar set-up process

All our seminars are tailored - based on an analysis and understanding of their context, of their participants and our client brief — and are unique to the given company.

Our Programmes/Seminars are founded on motivation and getting participants to, well, participate. With this approach we attain much greater Programme/Seminar impact, and more visible, quantifiable result.

Translation: Václav Pinkva