The seminar is centered on the fact that behind every negotiation stands a clearly given set of principles and a toolkit of straightforward techniques whose effective use can influence the outcome.

In demystifying this structure and the steps to take, the participants “partake” in “the big negotiation game”, which forms the mainstay of the entire seminar. The participants get into various roles and situations in which to hone their skills in safety, under the supervision of an experienced tutor.

The learning process rests on half the group “watching the show”, observing the respective scenes as they are played out … then followed by a joint analytical discussion.

Seminar topic examples

  • Understanding negotiators' roles
  • Introducing the various negotiating styles
  • The negotiator's communication toolkit
  • Styles and techniques of negotiating
  • Preparing a Strategy
  • Conducting the negotiation
  • The advantages of consensus over compromise
  • Practical sessions using model situations

Tailor the seminar to your needs.

Translation: Václav Pinkva