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Staff selection

Based on the results of Hogan Assessments (Hogan Personality Inventory — HPI) we can judge the fit of a given candidate to the given company role.

HPI test results place the person's behaviour within the working population spectrum. We would gain the same understanding about the tested subject after six months' working together, which means that HPI saves the company time and money by maximising the chances of making a sound choice.

HPI can be used across the board — whether selecting from many candidates (tens to hundreds), or choosing from a select group. One can also set pre-selection benchmarks by testing existing high-performing employees.

When it comes to selecting for a key role — essentially for any managerial role, we can do a detailed (17 page) report about the test subject's behavioural tendencies, their impact on management style and how the relevant person is (or will be) viewed by subordinates.

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Career & Succession planning

When planning career progression, or looking for a suitable candidate for senior management grooming, we must consider a number of aspects. As well as the current performance of the given employee, which tends to be the only criterion for career progression, we must consider whether the given person is suited to their prospective new role, and whether they would find it fulfilling, matching their personal values, preferences and personality profile. All too often we find a great specialist turned into a bad manager.

Hogan Assessments report types available:

  • HPI — (Hogan Personality Inventory) Professional and Leadership diagnostic profile report
  • MVPI — (Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory ) — Interpretation and Leadership report
  • HDS — (Hogan Development Survey) — HDS Leadership report

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Staff departures

Management is increasingly coming round to the view that it would be good to have a tool to analyze what made someone decide to leave the company — especially when it comes to star performers. It is no surprise that losing a capable employee is a great loss to the company not least because of non-trivial cost and lower productivity until the gap is filled, and while the new incumbent is being brought up-to-speed.

Hogan Assessments tests offer a tool to identify the issues, causes and motives which make staff decide to leave, and can thus help change that person's mind or bring the company round to changing its way of doing things for the better.

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Team development

Team reports are based on Hogan Assessments (HPI — Hogan Personality Inventory) test results. The individual results are cumulatively graphed, and the graph discussed with the whole team. The team report helps to show the team's strengths, how the team comes across as a whole, who will most likely take up which roles, how balanced is the range of roles, whether any are missing and show up any potential sources of conflict.

The team report makes team development planning easier, and builds mutual respect and tolerance, by showing that no behaviours are good or bad in themselves but it is all a question of their best deployment in the team's context.

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