Programme Focus

  • Understanding the dynamics of results reached in a corporate context
  • Realising the importance of setting own goals in alignment with those overall
  • Realising success needs the right combination of short- and long-term goals
  • Seeing the need to balance actions with other key players' needs and wishes
  • Effectively promoting own interests and motivating others to support them

A fun programme, very dynamic in action with very evident results, directly linked to how participants behave. These model behaviours can then be better identified and changed in the context of seeking more effective ways to an agreed goal.

The experience gives participants a measurable look at the effectiveness of their ability to work in teams within an overall framework, where aims might diverge. They will concentrate on improving their performance through improved mutual communication, making use of synergies arising from well-considered cooperation, seeking out and identifiying how their personal goals fit into the context of group goals and their willingness to seek solutions beyond the obvious.

Programme outline

The participants' respective teams represent the crews in a carr rally, aiming to reach a sdestination town in a given timeframe. What they do not know is, which of the towns that lie beyond will be the target. The situation is further complicated by each crew starting from a different place.

But distance is not the only challenge.

The crews can decide at each turn what they would like to do. However, they have to present this choice publicly — first by means of a coloured flag to show their preference,but more sepcifically by using the voting devices provided. It is the overall majority choice (that of most teams) which sets the course for all participants.

The battle against the clock begins, but most of all, the struggle to find an effective way of reaching agreement despite the contrasting aims and competitiveness between the crews.

The winner will have found their way to mutual agreement, through the ability to motivate and persuade others to a mutually beneficial solution. It comes as a great surprise (though quite in keeping with the rules) for everyone in the room to find their individual team scores being added up and compared to the overall theoretical maximum achievable by the group. The debriefing looks at what led to the shortfall, given the gain achieved.

Translation: Václav Pinkva