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Promises, Promises!®
Sliby, sliby!

Programme Focus

  • Promoting a shared team vision
  • Building mutual relations and trust
  • Teambuilding
  • Breaking down barriers
  • Discovering how strength through unity can achieve remarkabe results

Programme principle

The aim of the conference is to promote the idea of a team, and to develop fundamental relationships based on trust among its members.

The programme is fun, charged with energy and focused on building team spirit.

In the course of individual exercises and their subsequent recap the teams will have a singular opportunity to interact. The follow-up sessions give individual participants the chance to share their experiences and thoughts with everyone.

The whole programme commences with a fanfare of trumpets, welcoming the Ambassadors of the United League of Nations (the programme facilitators) each dressed in black tailcoat with blue sache. After the ceremonial welcome the teams are given their tasks.

European Parliament

In their roles as freshly elected politicians they each represent one of ten countries, and have to keep the promises they gave their voters (no matter how obscure the promises might be) and so become fully-fledged members of the League of United Nations! They must conduct themselves in an environment awash with scandals, intrigue, entertainment and politics, where aliances form only to fall apart or be reneged-on or revised. Nevertheless, just before the five-year mandate expires, all the countries become full members of the United League of Nations.

Unifying Team Vision

Evropský parlament

Individual teams are best able to meet the needs of other teams by focusing on unified goals. A unified vision helps the teams reach a sense of belonging (“we are all in this together”) and so boosts morale.

Building relationships and trust

Through the Promises, Promises! programme individual “countries” get better results if they are able to build relationships with other teams that are founded on an atmosphere of trust. Individual teams take from the programme a sense of the importance of trust and an experience which clearly shows that trust can increase productivity or make customer support exceptional, both for internal and external customers.


As already mentioned, individual teams become aware through this programme of their interdependance, and the fact they are only able to meet their objectives through information exchange and cooperation. Through highlighting team spirit, individual teams can strengthen their ties and realize they are not alone in the world.


Throughout the programme the role of communication in reaching objectives is highlighted. Effective communication and understanding of needs allows the teams respectively to better match the expectations of others, thereby reaching better results vis-a-vis “external” and “internal” customers.

Translation: Václav Pinkva