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Conferences & Events

Information sharing, staff motivation, “firing-up” the sales team, results review, new product launches — all these are typically the reasons to call an interdivisional or entire company gathering. Such a gathering is often called a Convention or Conference.

For the vast majority of participants their idea of a Conference involves coffee, snacks, mineral water on the table, lengthy speeches and frequent rounds of applause. A fine time to study the papers, customise your mobile phone functions, talk with and meet other colleagues from all parts of the company. The most appreciated are the supplementary programmes, entertainment, outings or social events with a midnight surprise.

It doesn't have to be like that!

We are not by any means underrating, belittling or putting down the idea of conferences, quite the contrary! We share the view that it makes for a great opportunity to get synergy for better results — a way to motivate, involve a broad and mixed group of people — and get them all backing one objective, in a very short time.

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To make your Conference meet your expectations, you need to make it better at being:

The topics central to the Conference have to be central to its participants, topical, interesting. Straightforward, with a clear answer to the question — why should I care?
The participants are part of the programme, they can influence and help shape it. Lengthy incomprehensible speeches have the opposite effect.
By safety we don't mean not endangering participants' health — obviously. What we mean is a space where it is safe to respond to the matter in hand, to the questions posed — to offer one's opinion, despite, or because of it being different from what is being put forward.
The luxury of the rooms is a matter of budget — enough space, light, and air can make or break the programme. How actively do people join in when squashed up against one another, where slipping off to the 'bathroom' is as tricky as when sitting by the window in the tourist class section of an intercontinental Boeing 747?
A measure of how interesting, relevant and easy to grasp the presented content was to its audience is simply, what do people talk about a fortnight later. To what extent has their shared experience become part of their conversation — i.e. how much of what was said has stuck to them. It is food for thought that the nontrivial investment made (not just of money, but all the participants' time) should leave them with no more to talk about than how many botttles of bubbly were emptied, how the dancers made their evening or how the presenter's computer got stuck — is that what you wanted to gain? Did you?
Spice up your Conferences!
How, with what? — with an interactive programme founded on everyone having an interesting time. Every Conference is a project in itself tailored to a unique, bespoke outcome.

Translation: Václav Pinkva