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They do say that when you come out of kindergarten/elementary/secondary/high school — it comes down to cases, well, that you are ready for life. We have been taught all we need. Apparently. Yet every day each one of us faces life's fresh challenges.

How to succeed at being a failure

  1. Be reactive, doubt yourself and include others, too.
  2. Work without a clear idea or vision.
  3. Always do what's urgent before what's important.
  4. Think in terms of: “I win — you lose”.
  5. Get everyone to follow your ideas before you show an interest in theirs.
  6. If you can't manage to win, compromise.
  7. Avoid change and personal development.
  8. Work whenever you can — forget about resting.


Coaching can be described as an interactive process aimed at reaching specific goals. The aim of coaching is to enable the person being coached to realise their own potential, to maximise his/her performance. The coach helps them find their own way forward.

Coaching can be likened to the old story about the Indian, who on seeing a hungry beggar, taught him to fish. Had he given him a fish, he would have made him dependent on outside help. By teaching him to fish, he set him up for a dignified and independent life. The Coach — like the Indian in the story — helps one “learn to fish” — i.e. reach one's goals through one's own efforts, applying one's own talents and strengths.

What happens in Coaching?

Coaching can vary in duration, typically some 6 sessions lasting 2–4 hours, 1x every fortnight or up to a month. The tools used for effective coaching and working through the coaching process can include:

Coaching can be described as having phases:

mapping out the situation and needs, defining the aims of the coaching process — involving the Coach, the subject, their manager and other key stakeholders (people with an interest in the outcome).
where the Coach and the person work together as needed to achieve the goal.
evaluating the success of the process and planning next steps.

In the Spring of 2008, TEAM.CZ became a corporate member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). This is our way of signing up to promoting best practice and setting appropriate expectations of Coaching & Mentoring across Europe.

Translation: Václav Pinkva