Everyday you deal with a number of situations and relationships, and you wonder why you find some more difficult than others.

One of the possible ways of answering that question is using Hogan Assessments – of your behavioural trends, your motives and inclinations under pressure, compared with a representative sample of the population.

By completing Hogan Assessments you get:

  • an answer to the question why you find some situations and relationships easy to deal with and others take much out of you
  • a chance to compare your typical behaviour, preferences and what is being asked of you and see the matches and mismatches;
  • reference points to your self-image — strengths / weaknesses
  • a grasp of interactions — how the various characteristics interplay
  • an understanding why you find some things easy and others hard
  • a chance to set specific goals for greater personal productivity and development

Completing the Hogan Assessment takes about one and a half hours (each test cca 30 minut) – though individuals vary. The tests are done online.

The Tests

HPI — Hogan Personality Inventory
(Hoganův osobnostní dotazník)

HPI assesses the normal personality and predicts for professional success. The personality questionnaire is primarily aimed at staff selection, development and career progression planning. By means of it one can measure and compare personality traits relevant to social interaction and capable of being of help or hindrance in meeting work objectives.

HDS — Hogan Development Survey
(Hoganův rozvojový dotazník)

HDS reveals tendencies to dysfunctional and risk-prone behaviours, pertinent to life-crises and stressful situations. These patterns adversely affect our careers, interpersonal relationships, life fulfilment and represent “the dark side” of oyr personalities. In a work context they can thwart effective communication in or leading of teams, and reduce productivity. As long as such traits are identified, they can be overcome through development and coaching. HDS results serve primarily as input for caching and individual and team development.

MVPI — Motives, Values, Preferences Inventory
(Hoganův hodnotový dotazník)

MVPI is aimed at revealing inner values, preferences and motives. From these can be inferred what kind of role, work, environment will best motivate an employee and where they will be most content. We can thus assess whether a position, team of company culture will “fit” the person.

In the Spring of 2008, TEAM.CZ became a corporate member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). This is our way of signing up to promoting best practice and setting appropriate expectations of Coaching & Mentoring across Europe.

Translation: Václav Pinkva