All-round feedback where the Subject's competencies are judged not just by the manager, but by colleagues, subordinates, and peers, internal and external customers or suppliers. The Subject gets valuable information about how they come across, their behaviour and how it impacts their circle, contrasted with their own viewpoint, using self-evaluation. This gives very good grounds for comparison. (Sample reports can be seen at

When you combine 360° feedback with a training programme, you give the individual a personal development path. By enabling the kind of development that is truly needed you'll get top-notch effective staff, and maximise quality output.

360° feedback can be a tool to focus training and follow your staff development

Phases of the process

Step 1 — Goals:

Validating the needs & expectations and defining the goals

Step 2 — Requirements:

Defining questionnaires and accompanying texts

Step 3 — Evaluation:

Sending questionnaires to the evaluation subject & their evaluators

Step 4 — Handover:

Drawing up and handing over the anaytical reports

In the Spring of 2008 TEAM.CZ became a corporate member oof the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC). This is our way of signing up to promoting best practice and setting appropriate expectations of Coaching & Mentoring across Europe.

Translation: Václav Pinkva