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Assessment & Evaluation

Every company uses well thought out methods for the hiring, development and reviewing of staff. Our company complements these with our range of highly reliable and objective psychodiagnostic tests Hogan Assessments representing over 80 years' worth of research, customised to the Czech context.

Hogan Psychodiagnostics

These tests avoid subjective marking of the person being tested, accelerate assessment and enable interpersonal comparisons to be made. The test reports are of benefit to every kind of company thanks to their flexibilty and wide applicability.

Hogan Assessments will help you:

  • Select staff
  • Plan careers and groom for succession
  • Evaluate and reward
  • Coach
  • Develope teams
  • Manage departures

360° feedback

Also much used among questionnaires is 360° feedback - feedback where the Subject's competencies are judged not just by the manager, but by colleagues, subordinates, and peers, internal and external customers or suppliers.

When you combine 360° feedback with a training programme, you give the individual a personal development path. By enabling the kind of development that is truly needed you'll get top-notch effective staff, and maximise quality output.

Translation: Václav Pinkva