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Podcasting is a relatively new but paradigm-shifting technology, allowing users to get updated information and materials over the internet. The internet is a rich source of podcasts, covering not just radio programmes, agency news, entertainment content, but also educational programmes.

You can download some right now
Flexibly on-the-go
You can listen to a podcast in your car, on the metro, in the dentist's waiting room, and you don't need to physically attend a course
Save on course logistics
During a podcast you have fun, and make use of the latest technology
Combining podcasts with attendee courses increases the effectiness of putting what you learn into practice

Podcast episodes can take the form of audio, video, documents, alone or in any combination. For instance language courses can combien video to get a feel for the relevant country, audio for information and learning by listening and texts for practice and reference.

You can sign up to podcasting any time with a few clicks on the internet. Another benefit is that once you have signed up you need not worry about getting current versions of materials. The podcast “reader-feeder” in the web-connected computer takes care of that, downloading updates of interest with no need for your intervention.

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Translation: Václav Pinkva