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Our Toolkit

Our skilled ways combine with the means of the digital age, bringing a new dynamic to our seminars and conferences:

Mind Manager Pro 8

Charting mind-maps, planning, brainstorming — improving performance and productivity.

TurningPoint voting equipment

Thanks to this we are better able to meet our mission and put “in play” everyone who is there with us, whether in a conference hall or a training room.

Training Videoclips

We have recorded our own illustrative set-pieces for our communication-focused seminars.

21st Century formats

Hand-in-hand with our programmes go tools such as a bespoke on-line discussion forum, and use of podcasts and eLearning, enhanced by videoclips.

… we are continually taking on board new ideas, new tools and techniques, incorporating them purposively into our seminars, programmes, conferences and events.

Translation: Václav Pinkva