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Our Process

How do we prepare an event to ensure your investment makes a return many times over and you really “hit the nail on the head”?


We sit down together to define your need and the aim of the event — its benefit. Through structured questioning we analyse, so as to prepare a proposal.


Our proposition is always made-to-measure and factoring in a good grasp of your context, needs and budget:

  • What is the target group, its make up and size
  • The motivation and needs of the participants
  • What should be the resulting benefit, how can we measure it
  • Shared preparation by participants
  • What tools, formats and methods are most suitable
  • What is the best venue
  • How will we communicate with the participants before, during and after — the communication plan


  1. Taking stock and assessing before the programme
  2. The event (conference, coaching, coursework, training),
  3. Transferring new knowledge out of the classroom into real life,
  4. Further follow-up development as needed
  5. Assessment


  • Preparing participant materials
  • Logistics — training/conference venue, accommodation, catering, transport
  • Quick response to sudden change during the programme
  • A personal and professional approach

Translation: Václav Pinkva