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Whenever you speak to people, the hard part is getting their involvement, their attention. If you ask them questions and stimulate their own thinking, involvement, attention, persuasion come naturally. We don't want to be doing some teaching, we want you to be doing some learning.

Facilitator versus Presenter?
What's the difference?

Facilitating the learning experience is akin to a jungle safari: You point the individuals in the right direction, recommend something, take some measures to enrich and enlighten the participants, but you don't take their place. Indeed you do everything at their side. A Safari Guide who'd give his participants a map with the words: “Have a nice trip”, and then sat back in his armchair to watch would not make the ideal guide. The same goes for a learning facilitator.

The Facilitator

  • Does not stand apart from his audience
  • Is not one of the audience either
  • Is answerable to the whole group
  • which is why it's important to gain the trust and respect of the participants
  • Is thoroughly conversant with the topic in hand, but primarily helps the students make discoveries and put them into practice
  • The Facilitator is not there primarily to impart information, but to equip the students for further their personal development and growth, continual learning, leading to mastery of the given subject.

The Presenter

  • A role with a clear dividing line between the audience member and the presenter
  • The Presenter presents his or her self as an expert who knows it all
  • The Student is often the passive target of new information.

The art of facilitating helps us to guide course participants and evoke discussion leading to new discoveries.

For anyone working with a group of people key success factors are the attention and concentration of all concerned. You can get attention by being playful — to get concentration you have to get buy-in. We aim for no less than to do both. We maintain that through active participation in the programme our participants get much more out of it.

Translation: Václav Pinkva