Welcome to the funky world of training. Welcome to TEAM.CZ!

If you search on www.google.cz for the phrase “tréninková společnost” (training company) you will get hundreds of thousands of matches.

All of them are wondering how to attract your attention. So are we, whenever we think about YOU, our relationship with YOU and what is the best solution for YOU.

Our training programmes are not built on gentle reassurance and praise of participants — at times our training can make you “smart”. But why should the saying “no pain, no gain” not apply to training? We maintain that the same applies during a seminar, where — instead of muscles — you train your brain. At the same time we do try to make our seminars fun — just as in the gym the trainer tries to make the exercise enjoyable. He could finish the exercise for you, bot how would that help YOU?

We are drawn to the less trodden path, to experimenting and to unexpected interplay. We seek, and find, surprising tools, techniques, supporting material and analogies. We look for questions which, when posed, create a moment of silence.

“And what makes you so sure your competitors are doing it the way you are?”

Before we set to work, we don't ask “WHAT you want” but “WHY do you want that”. We look to find what our clients consider beneficial, enjoyable, and simple. We don't shy away from offering to link our reward to the results we bring, not just based on the proposal on the table.

If what you have read on this page appeals to you, then do get in touch. We're ready. If not, search on google.cz for training companies and then try “I'm feeling lucky”.

Translation: Václav Pinkva