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Zuzana Krásová (Duffková)

  • Intercultural management, diversity and remote management
  • Mental toughness
  • Career planning

As coach, mentor and consultant, Zuzana is concerned primarily with intercultural management. She works with multicultural (remote) teams and with people who work and/or live abroad. Apart from this, she focuses on career planning and development of mental toughness.

She has been active in these areas since 2005. In 2011 she founded CEE Intercultural – Intercultural management and relocation counseling.

Zuzana is certified for a number of occupational diagnostic instruments which enable her analyze the clients´ initial position and determine their development potential - she is a specialist in the application of instruments such as The International Profiler (for international settings), Hogan Assessment, Integrated Leadership Model, or Mental Toughness Questionnaire. Zuzana is qualified as a trainer/facilitator with Eagle´s Flight Inc. and Persona Global Inc. She is certified as a career coach. She also completed a two year “Gestalt in Organisations” course and is currently in a 5-year- psychotherapy training.

Most of her clients are executives, managers and specialists from the car and manufacturing industry, banks and finance, power, IT, telecommunications and the pharmaceutical industry from around the globe. She has co-operated, for example, with Bayer ČR, Česká spořitelna a.s. (Erste Group), T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom AG, Hewlett Packard Group, Komerční banka a.s. (Société Générale), Ness CZ and EU or Robert Bosch AG. She also works as a lecturer at the University of Regensburg, University of Applied Sciences in Regensburg and the University of Applied Business Science in Offenburg.

On a voluntary basis, she supports migrants as psychologist in the NGO InBáze Berkat.

Zuzana Duffková is a qualified industrial and organizational psychologist – she studies at the University of Regensburg/Germany. She has been on a number of postings abroad, eg. Poland or Australia, where she ran intercultural courses for South-East Asian company employees.

Her working languages are Czech, German and English, she can read and socialise in French and Polish.

Zuzana's leisure interests are travel, and sports like ski alpinism and cycling.

Motto: “It's not how the wind blows, it's how you set your sail.”

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E-mail: zuzana.krasova@team.cz

Translation: Václav Pinkva