Our Mission

We are a team of people dedicated to developing the motivation and potential of individuals and teams in organisations so as to increase productivity and quality-of-life.

We fulfill our Mission by bringing you programmes and activities which make learning fun, while keeping it staunchly practical!

We pride ourselves on specialising in educating adults through learning-by-doing, coupled with commercial, entrepreneurial and organisational consultancy.

We are thus well placed to analyse your needs, to tailor and gauge the impact of a whole gamut of measures (educational & training events, facilitated meeting & conferences, personal coaching, …), focused on raising the productivity of people and the systems of work they design and manage.

Memberships and Partnerships

In the spring of 2008, TEAM.CZ became a corporate member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

This is our way of signing up to promoting best practice and setting appropriate expectations of Coaching & Mentoring across Europe.

We are partners of Eagle's Flight – the world leader in the development and implementation of Experiential Learning programmes. Through us, the Czech Republic is among the 20 countries where Eagle's Flight has a presence.

We are members of the SyNet professional network.

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