Roman Chudoba get EMCC certificate European Individual Accreditation - Senior Practitioner. Congratulations!


Wee moved back to Zábehlický castle. Our address is Za Potokem 46, Praha 10.


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We are moving to new offices

From July you can find us at a new address:
Zirkon Office Center
Sokolovská 131/86
186 00 Praha 8

We present to you our farewell video:


Pavel Janoušek - on the board at TEAM.CZ

Pavel’s specialisations are programmes based on experiential learning and business simulation. He is the author of the methodology and the head instructor of original workouts using the principle of interactive simulations and the concept of reflective practice. More about Pavel...


Globalisation, expatriation

In many companies in Czechia it is commonplace to see key positions filled with staff from abroad. Expatriots, living and working in Prague, are often seen by locals as a privileged group, whether in terms of top-notch housing, international schooling for their children or professional medical care.


pdf Globalizovaná doba, nový post v zahraničí (2 422kB)
Zuzana Duffková & Michael H. Rosák
Moderní řízení, červen 2010


New products — blending diagnostics with training

In cooperation with Persona Global, Inc. we have prepared 3 new options for your personal development commencing May.

Persuasive Communicator — the skillset gained through this programme helps people build confidence, show empathy and keep flexibility in their dealings with others — the motive forces of ethical influencing. Using Gameplanning software, each participant gets their own personal gameplan to help them try out their new-found communication style on their own “case study”.

Emotional Capability — experience, intelligence and capability are important — however, their application hinges on the given level of one's own emotional intelligence. The programme focuses on developing abilities which enable the participants to learn from their own responses and become self guiding, as well as developing relationships even in “tricky” circumstances.

OrgSavvy (Organisational intelligence) — this programme targets attitudes toward power and politics, as well as analysing organisational dynamics. It develops the ability to gain influence in the competitive environment of an organisation AS WELL AS building confidence and keeping relationships and one's own integrity intact.

Each programme consists of a seminar and 360° feedback — this being the starting point for establishing participants' individual development goals, and for tailoring the seminar format to meet the needs of the group or team.

For further information please contact


pdf Emotional Intelligence (112kB)


Mental Toughness

What do highly successful people have in common? You're soure to have noticed how the minute you are stressed out your performance and productivty take a dive. One of the key key abilities in this time of constant change and demands for maximum performance is the ability to keep up a high delivery rate for a long time — ideally indefinitely… People who can do this have one thing in common — they know how to arrange it so they don't succumb to stress! Whereas the classic stress-resilience courses offer you techniques how to get out of stress and how to eliminate the damage already caused, „Mental Toughness“ will keep you free of stress in the first place. This unique concept comes from the renowned reserch psychologist Dr. Peter Clough from the University of Hull in Britain, consisting of a questionnaire which reveals your strenghts and weknesses as regards Mental Toughness, and a follow-up workshop, aimed at strengthening those skills which protect against stress. You do want to know how you fare in this respect, don't you? For more information contact

„It's a stressful world“

Interview with Peter Clough, author of the Mental Toughness concept

Peter Clough Envelope

pdf Mental Toughness (119kB)



Zuzana Duffková a Michael H. Rosák | Ekonom

Globalisation brings people together, but not always closer. How do you deal with a multinational team?

pdf Ekonom: Musíme se domluvit (We have to communicate) (530kB)


Expats working in Czechia

Zuzana Duffková & Michael H. Rosák | Ekonom

Expats working in Czechia see the mistakes we might overlook. What are the biggest obstacles to doing business?

pdf Ekonom: Češi — šovinisté a sóloví hráči (Czechs — chauvinists and soloists) (339kB)

Translation: Václav Pinkva